Zo Brown, MSW, Your Development Coach ™

Zo Brown, MSW, Your Development Coach

Zo's formal education includes a BA in Journalism/Mass Media and Sociology and an MA in Social Work (MSW) -- both from Rutgers University.  Zo's professional experience ranges from training, adolescent services, anger management, counseling and everything in between.  Zo has spoken in schools and churches and participated in various panel discussions within the community. 

Zo believes in giving back and has mentored many youth along his path. Born in Newark and raised in Hillside, NJ, Zo has acquired significant experience outside of the classroom and has traveled throughout the continents of the world.  His unique combination of style and humor -- along with his educational, professional and life experience -- contribute to his ability to connect with a wide range of people.  

Zo's mission is to connect with individuals in an effort to intensify their development. This is why he created Zo Brown Speaks, LLC a company that provides speaking, coaching and consulting services with a focus on career, family and self-development.  He also created Zo Brown Speaks TV, a YouTube video series that provides practical "how to" tips on various topics.  Zo's one-on-one coaching packages and workshops reflect his mission.  His core message is cemented in helping others find success by encouraging the development of their most authentic lives.